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Incessantly following the novel trends as well as customer expectations, designing and making machines with progressive technology, increased added value, which are friendly to environment and save energy, Ermaksan self-importantly deliver innovative technology in additive production technology ENA 250

Technology: With a 250x250x300 mm3 structure casing ENA 250 enables to produce components in almost all geometric figures directly from CAD data.

Open Access: Ermaksan enables the customers to feel the freedom to optimize machine sets precisely in accordance to their parts geometry as well as production necessities. The users may control up to 113 constraints for all assorted material types.

Safety Processing: ENA 250 machine technology is industrialized for innocuous processing of sensitive powders such as titanium alloys. Real time procedure monitoring arrangements enable the users to attain a safe production.

Ermaksan Build Processor: .STL file from CAD compendium or CAD setups can be imported directly into the Magics software. The great set of utilities renders user to make a greater control of the build. Also, it aids structure generators as well as powerful build file generation processes.

User Friendly as well as instinctive procedure:

  • The employment of predetermined strictures can be equipped in a few unpretentious steps.
  • In labor-intensive processes automation software algorithm can prevent misappropriation as well as protection of the machine.
  • In accordance of the amount of powder, the height of correct part can be accordingly selected.
  • Moveable Monitoring: Relish the last generation of hardware as well as software with smart production procedure while making reduction in the production time as well as d operation rate.
  • Laser Source : Ermaksan FSM- 500 W Yb-Fiber Laser and its dynamic give emphasis on high quality as well as speedy production. Optionally 750 W, 1 kW can be configured with convenience.

Technical Specifications:

  • Laser Power    :    500 W (1000 – 750 W optional)
  • Scan Speed    :    up to 7 m/s
  • Building Envelope (mm3)    :    250 x 250 x 300
  • Variable layer thickness    :    100 - 20 μm
  • Scan System    :    3D, Adaptable focus optic; varying of image field size, working distance and spot size
  • Magnitudes (LxWxH)    :    2700 x 1440 x 2030
  • E. connection /Power input    :    400V 3Ph/N/PE ; 25 A, 50/60 Hz, 4,5 kW
  • Inert Gas    :    Ar
  • CAD Interface    :    STL
  • Network    :    Ethernet / Ethercat
  • Inert Gas Intake    :    < 3,5 L / min
  • Operating system    :    Windows 7 implanted
  • Software    :    Ermaksan Build Processor, Magics

Powder Metallurgy

In the process of EIGA (electrode induction melting gas atomization), the pre-alloyed rods in sort of an electrode are inductively liquefied and atomized without any melting. The melting of the conductor is attained by reducing the slowly spinning metal electrode into a yearly induction coil. The melt watercourse from the electrode drops into the gas atomization nozzle scheme and is atomized with inert gas.

Capacity: 70 T / Year