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At ERMAKSAN, customer satisfaction is given priority and we consider our after-sales support as the key factor which creates a bridge between ERMAKSAN and clients based all around the world. We have the support of seasoned engineers and technicians for offering:

We have established a technical service department, which has the responsibility of being proactive and honest in answering all the questions of clients and provide them desired service. We also give priority to the quality of our services so that clients will prefer our products and solutions, even in the future.

Since we provide guarantee on our spare parts, customer satisfaction is further strengthened. Also, we have a wide service network of trained technicians, which make sure to ensure quality and reliability in each after-sales service.

At ERMAKSAN, we follow a service concept which can alter the international standards with the assistance of our qualified technical service team. Through after-sales services and the following factors we aim to maximize the client satisfaction:

Technical Service Quick Access Guide
Domestic Technical Service (1) +90 (224) 294 75 20
Domestic Technical Service (2) +90 (224) 294 75 22
Laser Technical Service +90 (224) 294 75 21
America - Western Europe Tech. Service (1) +90 (224) 294 75 23
America - Western Europe Tech. Service (2) +90 (224) 294 75 25
Eastern Europe - Asia Technical Service +90 (224) 294 75 24
Middle East - Asia Pacific - Africa Tech. Service +90 (224) 294 75 26