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Electron Group

ERMAKSAN takes stable steps forward future by creating its 51 years of experimentation with contemporary technology investments. It also manages to be one of the international leaders of its segment by the technology as well as R&D savings it made in equivalent of the innovative approach of 21th era in the last half-country. The company endures to grow by ensuing latest trends and client’s expectations, employing sources proficiently and efficiently. We aim to focus on creating high-technology, which advanced, environment-friendly and energy-saving. As ERMAKSAN, the state-of-the-art technologies value of us has established into procedure of the company as a culture. The motivation comes from our goal to take well-founded steps forward and by contributing to Turkey budget with our modish technologies to realize the 2023 targets.

Advanced-technology electron grfulfilloup parts of ERMAKSAN are;

  • PC-Based software
  • Optoelectronic
  • Built-in Systems
  • Fibre Laser Collections
  • Semiconductor Assemblies