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Shears Controllers

User-friendly interface

The simple as well as clear interface of this instrumentation renders an innocuous utilization experiment to workers. It comes with wide and colorful graphic screen, which has been industrialized in accordance with user demands, so that they can enjoy speedy programming as well as comfort of use.

Thanks to the informal cutting page, even new employers can program their cutting mechanism in just few second. Big bright buttons as well as simply intelligible characters bestow the users an outstanding visual quality.

Complex cutting programs in diverse sizing can be stored in its memory on account of the function recording 100 assorted programs. Error as well as warning mails are displayed on pop-up a window that gives users the best practice experiment. The developed error detection procedure of this can prevents erroneous data input.

Powerful hardware

Supplemented analogue control component of this is included with 6 analogue inputs as well as 2 analogue outputs. It also features orientable digital inputs as well as 16 orientable digital productions. Motorized touch screen of this renders an advanced performance. The touch screen perishes after: 1.000.000 times. (Verified in workroom by a 8 mm width rubber via 250 gf force. The number mentions to smallest lifetime of the product.)

  • Automated control features
  • Automatic cutting angle
  • Automatic cutting size
  • Automatic cutting
  • Automatic withdraw
  • Automatic blade gap

Technical specifications:

  • System Memory: FLASH / Micro SD card (optional)
  • Communication: RS485, USB (optional)
  • RS232, Axis: Driving 2 analogue axe (augmentable, elective)
  • 7” Led Touch Screen
  • 800 x 480 Pixels of Resolution (7”)
  • Operation Memory: SRAM
  • Power Provisions: 24 VD Encoder Inputs: 2
  • Incremental encoder input
  • Digital Outputs: 16 Digital Outputs
  • Analogue Outputs: 2 Analogue Outputs
  • Isolated Digital Feedbacks: 16 Digital Input
  • Analogue Inputs: 6 Analogue Inputs
  • Critical panel gap: 178,5 x 133,1 x 55,5
  • Standards: IEC 61132-2
  • Touch Screen Terminates After: 1.000.000 Touch
  • Operating Situations: Between -20 °C - +70 °C