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We began our assignment to be the pioneer of the age of intelligent production with our robust R & D infrastructure as well as state-of-the-art approach. Currently, we are leading the intelligent production methods of Industry 4.0, which is a latest industrial notion by integrating the intellectual production schemes and optimizing the production processes with negligible cost and supreme efficiency.


The required products can be adapted in the fastest and most accurate way because of DXF as well as DWG reading provision. Thanks to the 3D collision detection system developed for the desired product it also facilitates the worker’s work with its ability of presenting the impact up to the smallest hovels and mechanically finding the collision-free bending systems. In this sort having the feature of ascertaining the most suited gauging places even in the most interesting products. It also renders the option of carrying the position of the piece to the position preferred by the operator. With progressive tool equalization as well as tool task, the products can be used effortlessly. Assisting Industry 4.0 with angle protractor as well as collision detection structures, ER TOUCH aids you to shape the products at supreme speed.



The ER TOUCH master renders maximum efficiency as well as speed so as to enable the tool searching procedure according to the products made. It aids new technologies with Industry 4.0. ERTOUCH and also proffers better service with needed safety as well as reliability.



With the amended axis controls, required bending can be attained even in the most hard sheet metal with absolute accuracy. It can rapidly notice variations on the machine by continually seeing the prompt axis values. On the page of drawing, this can make products physically. It keeps the information dependability of users in the software at supreme level with 3 assorted user authorizations. With its modest and vibrant design, it can be easily controlled. Featured with user friendly ER TOUCH, it comes with bending process. Also, it provides leadership to users, regarding all progressing technology and makes high efficiency in its yield.